Work with an experienced math tutor who is skilled in explaining difficult concepts in a clear, understandable way and simplifying new ideas by connecting them with familiar ones. Your son or daughter will also receive assistance with homework completion and test preparation. Our expert tutors can help change your child’s math anxiety and build solid mathematical skills that add up to better math grades.


  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus (AP)


A strong science foundation is important to not only success in high school but success in the key STEM fields of the future. Our experienced science tutors will help your son or daughter to understand the difficult concepts and vocabulary, while preparing them for labs, exams, and finals.


  • Chemistry (AP)
  • Biology (AP)
  • Physics (AP)
  • Environmental Science (AP)

Study Skills/Student Mentor:

For some students, falling behind in school is simply the result of poor organization and/or lack of good study skills.  Help your son or daughter get on the fast track to better grades and a higher self-esteem with our student coaching and study skills building mentors.

Our student coaches will help your child learn important organizational skills like time and calendar management, materials management, setting goals and priorities, and balancing school with sports, home chores, work schedules, and leisure time.   He or she will also learn invaluable study skills including test preparation, note taking, memory techniques and asking the right questions from instructors to pinpoint what it will take to get an A on a quiz, paper, test or in any class.

Coaching sessions will engage your son or daughter to participate in setting clear expectations and specific actions to be met each week. You child’s progress will then be tracked based on how well he or she performed these actions and how this has affected his or her grades. New skills are added and activities adjusted each week as needed to help your child develop responsibility, build self-confidence, and pave the way for continued academic success along with a well-balanced life.

ACT Prep:

Universities place great value on ACT scores and weigh them against students from around the world, so scoring high on the ACT is of the utmost importance to college bound students. Motivation Tutoring provides private, customized ACT lessons from experienced ACT instructors. Your student will learn test taking strategies, timing, and all the content he or she needs to achieve the high ACT score needed to attend the university of his or her choice.


Writing is imperative to being a successful student; our writing tutors will teach your student the skills he or she needs to be successful. From research papers to book reports, learning proper structure and style are essential to becoming a good writer. Tutors are available to help your student edit and revise a school essay, or start from scratch and learn how to research and format a research paper. We make writing exciting by incorporating creative writing projects and impromptu writing responses.